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Air Services

       Our company can create a fast, efficient and intimate international air cargo business for you. Now we are mainly engaged in and undertake international air cargo services in South China and the Pearl River Delta. At present, our main advantages are concentrated in European and American routes, and our strategic partners are all over the world.

      We strive to explore more cost-effective air transport channels and actively develop all-round air transport customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing and logistics delivery services. In addition, our company has also made remarkable achievements in the middle east line, African line and Asian line; The professional air transport service team and friendly personalized service have won the unanimous recognition of customers at home and abroad. Our goal is to build the company into a first-class air transport service operator in South China and even the whole country. No matter when and where, we can properly arrange your goods and use remote control to master each link, so as to ensure that your goods enjoy the highest quality transportation service.

Choose Our Four Advantages

Service advantage: one stop intimate service
  • Customize reasonable logistics and transportation scheme;
  • Provide whole process goods and services;
  • Professional team to deal with problems in a timely manner.
  • Timeliness advantage: strong customs clearance ability
  • Several overseas and local agents;
  • Customs clearance capacity up to 99%;
  • Arrange the delivery of vehicles in advance.
  • Price advantage: multiple routes, multiple choices
  • Direct cooperation between the four major international express companies and several international airlines;
  • There is no intermediate link, and the price is fair and transparent.
  • Safety advantage: 100% safety, 100% responsibility of special personnel
  • Track the whole process and assign special personnel to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods;
  • Make quick claims for lost or damaged goods.