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Maritime Services

        Our full container transportation services cover all countries and regions around the world.

       Our company undertakes marine import and export full container business, including customer inquiry, space booking, customs declaration, commodity inspection, interior decoration, door-to-door, fumigation and other operation services, which can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. Our company has signed advantageous contract freight rates with Maersk, evergreen, PIL, MSC, OOCL, COSCO, Yang Ming, Zim and other shipping companies. Our company has a complete set of freight rate system, which can save logistics costs and improve efficiency.

       Our overseas agent network all over the world can provide you with a variety of services at the port of destination to meet your needs. According to your specific requirements, we will tailor-made logistics solutions for you to reduce logistics costs and improve service quality.

Choose Our Four Advantages

Service advantage: one stop intimate service
  • Customize reasonable logistics and transportation scheme;
  • Provide whole process goods and services;
  • Professional team to deal with problems in a timely manner.
  • Timeliness advantage: strong customs clearance ability
  • Several overseas and local agents;
  • Customs clearance capacity up to 99%;
  • Arrange the delivery of vehicles in advance.
  • Price advantage: multiple routes, multiple choices
  • Direct cooperation between the four major international express companies and several international airlines;
  • There is no intermediate link, and the price is fair and transparent.
  • Safety advantage: 100% safety, 100% responsibility of special personnel
  • Track the whole process and assign special personnel to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods;
  • Make quick claims for lost or damaged goods.