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Dafei will increase port tariffs on all goods entering and leaving Tunisian ports

Time:2021-12-11 Click:315

Dafei announced that since January 22, 2018, all goods entering and leaving Tunis (applicable to SSL Med RORO route) will be subject to additional port tariffs, as follows:

Amount : EUR 17/trailer (dry, reefer trailers, full or empty, and vehicle combinations)

Tunisia Export - Port additional code : POR65

Tunisia Import - Port additional code : POR70

According to logistics Baba, Tunisia is an African country. The main ports include Tunisia, biseida, Gabes, laskira, burkiba, Sfax, Gabes, SUS, zarsis, ladis and Skira ports. Shenzhen is transported to Tunisia by sea and transferred through Malta, with a voyage of about 25 days.

Tunisian import tariff:

Tunisia's tariff is relatively high. The general import tax ranges from 10% to 230%, and the average tariff is about 35%. The tax on a large number of agricultural products and luxury goods (alcohol and cars) is particularly high. The taxes to be paid on Tunisia's imported goods include customs duty, consumption tax, value-added tax and adjustment tax. The standard VAT rate is 18%. Chinese products are subject to the general tax rate, which is about 60% for agricultural products and about 43% for other textile, ceramics and electromechanical products.

In addition, China has exported all cargo (including dry, OOG and breakbulk) from Asia (including South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia and Bangladesh) to all West African routes (dry, OOG, breakbulk) by the comprehensive rate GRR.

USD 500/20'

USD 1000/40'