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Guangzhou plans to build an international logistics center with "the highest efficiency, the lowest cost and the most competitive in the world"

Time:2021-12-11 Click:509

In order to fully implement the strategy of building a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other, and promote Guangzhou to accelerate the construction of an international logistics center with "the highest global efficiency, the lowest cost and the most competitive", on November 5, the 123rd executive meeting of the 15th municipal government approved several measures for Guangzhou to accurately support the high-quality development of modern logistics (hereinafter referred to as "several measures").

The "several measures" focuses on building high-quality modern logistics infrastructure, improving the modern logistics public platform system, supporting the chain cluster development of modern logistics and supply chain enterprises, strengthening the factor guarantee of high-quality industrial projects, supporting the innovative development of logistics, and strengthening the guiding role of financial funds.

Guangzhou proposes to speed up the construction of a national logistics hub

The improvement of infrastructure is the premise of promoting industrial development. The "several measures" put forward that Guangzhou should speed up the construction of a national logistics hub with efficient operation and concentrated factors, and accelerate the construction of Nansha port type national logistics hub.

Relying on the construction of Baiyun Airport, Nansha Harbor and Guangzhou railway hub, optimize the layout of modern logistics industry cluster areas and promote the in-depth integrated development of transportation and logistics industry.

Benchmarking with world-class standards, we will accelerate the planning and construction of super large and large transportation and logistics hubs, promote the integrated development of transportation hubs and logistics parks with advanced manufacturing and trade services, and strengthen the agglomeration of various logistics resources such as trunk transportation, regional distribution, multimodal transport, warehousing services, cross-border logistics and urban distribution to the parks around comprehensive transportation hubs, so as to create a number of hub economies Growth pole.

Several measures It is proposed that Guangzhou supports the construction of bonded logistics distribution center. It is proposed that enterprises that use comprehensive bonded areas, bonded logistics parks and other special customs supervision areas to build international distribution warehouses and international transit warehouses to carry out international logistics distribution and transit business will be given a one-time subsidy of 50% of the actual automatic sorting, operation and other facilities and equipment invested by enterprises, up to 1 million yuan 。

For cross-border e-commerce enterprises that build automatic sorting lines and invest in customs supervision equipment and facilities in accordance with the requirements of customs supervision, a subsidy of no more than 1 million yuan shall be given according to 50% of their actual investment in fixed assets.

At the same time, the logistics facility projects within the planned logistics hub (Park) of the city shall be preferentially included in the annual land use plan and supply plan of the city, and support the use of urban renewal stock resources to build a characteristic industrial park for the integrated development of modern logistics and digital economy.

Newly introduced logistics headquarters enterprises will be rewarded with a maximum of 50 million yuan

Improving the modern logistics public platform will promote the construction of an international logistics center in Guangzhou and achieve more efficient resource allocation. The "several measures" put forward that we will continue to improve the function of "single window" of international trade, open up the logistics information nodes of ports, airports and railways, and promote paperless and intelligent customs clearance at ports.

Realize port 7 × 24-hour customs clearance, and vigorously promote the facilitation of customs clearance measures such as advance customs declaration, electronic customs declaration and advance customs clearance. Large transportation and manufacturing enterprises are encouraged to provide public logistics services to the society through self-supporting logistics, and those at or above the municipal level (including the municipal level) The logistics and supply chain service platforms with the nature of industrial public services such as policy consultation, information interconnection, logistics distribution, financial services, technology promotion and R & D, which are popularized and used, shall be given a capital subsidy of no more than 1 million yuan per year, with a subsidy period of no more than 3 years.

In terms of industrial agglomeration, the "several measures" proposed that Guangzhou should actively introduce large international and domestic leading modern logistics and supply chain enterprises and their regional headquarters, marketing centers, data centers, settlement centers and R & D centers, and support enterprises to move their registration and tax payment places into our city and settle transactions in our city.

For domestic and foreign well-known modern logistics and supply chain enterprises that have newly established companies in Guangzhou and large enterprises that move in and meet the recognition standards of Guangzhou headquarters enterprises, financial incentives ranging from 5 million yuan to 50 million yuan will be given to newly introduced enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the headquarters economic policies of our city.

Support the strengthening of close cooperation among aviation logistics, shipping logistics and modern supply chain enterprises, and implement enterprise cooperation alliances for innovative development. Give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises operating Baiyun International Airport and Guangzhou port, and encourage the establishment of aviation logistics and shipping logistics industry alliances.

At the same time, formulate the measures for the identification of key logistics enterprises in the city, give comprehensive support to the identified logistics enterprises, and provide support in financing development, issuing corporate bonds, talent settlement, rent subsidies and so on.

For the projects reported by municipal key enterprises with excellent credit record, good growth, outstanding tax payment record according to law and no negative impact, actively strive for provincial and municipal policy support, organize key logistics enterprises to carry out supply and demand negotiation activities with financial institutions, and make key recommendations in terms of financing.

Support qualified local professional service-oriented and comprehensive service-oriented logistics enterprises to create logistics service brands. For those selected into the global top 50 logistics enterprises, national top 50 logistics enterprises, 5A, 4A and 3a logistics enterprises, one-time rewards of RMB 2 million, RMB 1 million, RMB 500000, RMB 300000 and RMB 100000 will be given respectively. Actively support qualified supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprises to declare high New technology enterprises.

Guangzhou encourages multimodal transport in the logistics industry to be selected as a national project, with a maximum reward of 3 million yuan

Several measures to ensure the implementation of high-quality industrial projects It is proposed that if the funds raised by the listed modern logistics and supply chain companies landing in Guangzhou meet the industrial orientation of Guangzhou and the investment amount is more than 1 billion yuan, or the modern logistics and supply chain industrial projects with an investment amount of more than 1 billion yuan are introduced into the logistics hub Industrial Park planned and arranged by the municipal logistics hub, the 50-year transfer period can be adopted, with reference to the lowest price bid for the transfer of industrial land in the project area Set the transfer starting price.

Major modern logistics and supply chain industrial projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan or recognized by the Municipal Leading Group for logistics development and supply chain construction shall be included in the green channel for the construction of key projects for approval, and the departmental linkage working mechanism of "one leader, one window acceptance, parallel approval, joint drawing review, time limited completion and joint acceptance" shall be implemented to speed up the approval progress of project construction.

In order to support the innovative development of the logistics industry, Guangzhou encourages multimodal transport operators to apply for the national multimodal transport demonstration project and give subsidies to the selected projects. The amount shall not exceed 10% of the relevant investment of the multimodal transport demonstration project, and the maximum reward shall not exceed 3 million yuan.

We will improve the port directory list system, and no charges will be allowed outside the list. We will guide and promote port operation and service enterprises to reduce the level of charges. We will support industry associations and logistics and supply chain enterprises in this city to participate in the formulation of logistics standards. For those leading the formulation of international standards, national standards and industry standards, the relevant achievements will be given to each of them after being issued or filed by the competent administrative department of standardization A one-time reward of 600000 yuan, 400000 yuan and 200000 yuan (no more than 3 single reporting entities per year).